We researchers at USC are very happy to share this Research Curriculum with you!  This was a collaborative project, specially designed with your students in mind.  As Public Health researchers, our team at USC is excited to give your students insight into our research world and hope to provide a better understanding of why we conduct research that involves activities much like the survey collection done at your school.  This is just a snapshot of the very interesting work that goes into research and how it can impact the overall health of a community.


We have divided our curriculum into three “modules”.  Within each module, you will find everything you need to deliver this online curriculum. Each module is about 50 minutes long and has a set of presentation slides and activities with worksheets. Accompanying the slides is a Facilitator’s Guide, or lesson plan, for each module.  In these lesson plans you will find learning objectives, key terms, and the slides with speaker notes. 


It is our hope that these modules are interesting and meaningful to both you and your students.  If at any time you need any additional support or information on delivering this curriculum, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Warm Regards,

USC ADVANCE Research Team


Gina Klemm, Project Manager



Vickie Williams, Study Coordinator



Gabi Lozoya, Project Assistant


Module 1

Public Health


This module will provide an overview of Public Health – What is it? How is it studied? How can we improve it?  


  1. Define and explain public health
  2. Learn about the origins of public health research
  3. Understand basic concepts in public health /preventive medicine
  4. Engage in activities to think critically about issues of public health

Power Point Slides

Lesson Plan for Teachers

Worksheets & Activities

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Module 2

Health Data and Studies


This module will inform about what data is, how we collect data, and who participates in a research study.


  1. Define data-related terms
  2. Understand differences between correlation and causation
  3. Understand how data are collected
  4. Apply knowledge in Monitoring the Future activity

Module 3

Health Policy and Advocacy


This module will provide information about health policies and community advocacy.


  1. Define health policy
  2. Define health advocacy
  3. Examine real life data
  4. Practice being a health policy detective