Since 2013, the Happiness & Health Study has aimed to continually understand the connection between mental health and substance use among adolescents and young adults.


The H&H Study aims to understand why some adolescents and young adults use tobacco, marijuana, alcohol, and other drugs, and why some do not. To do so, we collected information on a range of health factors including: concern for social issues, social and emotional health, substance use, social and digital media use, risky behaviors, and more.


In 2013, over 3,300 9th graders across 10 public high schools in the 
Los Angeles area were enrolled in the H&H study. In high school, USC researchers administered the survey in the classroom every fall and spring semester for a total of 8 waves of data collection. Since graduating in 2017, student participants have continued to complete online surveys every 6 months, allowing us to stay up to date with current trends that young adults experience. H&H is currently approaching its 12th wave of data collection as of 2021.


We believe in providing an evidence-base to drive local and national policy change. We want to better understand trends across the lifespan regarding substance use and mental health. The H&H Study has made all the difference in raising awareness, correcting misperceptions, counteracting stigma, and informing policies that support youth and young adults.


  • “Gonna Getcha”/”Dangers of Vaping”  by TobaccoFreeCA. Check out their commercial here
  • Teens who vape are 3 times more likely to smoke one year later
  • Those who vape stronger nicotine concentrations are associated with accelerated use of e-cigarette frequency and use of combustible cigarettes
  • Over [insert number] journal articles have been published based on the H&H study data. Check out those articles here.



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