Impact + Resources

The EOS Research Group aims to provide impactful evidence that can be readily disseminated to our schools partners, community members, and policy makers. 

Research Making Meaningful Change

Our research has had a significant impact on public policies and prevention efforts locally and nationally. Our findings have played a direct role in informing:

The Tobacco 21 Law: Raised California’s legal smoking age and the age to buy tobacco products from 18 to 21. Influenced national policy.  

Flavored Tobacco Ban: Amid concerns that flavored products appealed to young people, flavored tobacco products were banned in LA County and ultimately California.

Surgeon General’s Advisory: Addressed the epidemic of youth e-cigarette use.

California’s Wake Up Campaign: the first commercial addressing youth e-cigarette use.

Research as a Resource

None of this would be possible without our collaboration with past and present students, parents, teachers, principals, and school staff. Our team strives to support our community partners through direct resources and support, including but not limited to:

Data Debriefs: Our annual school reports provide our schools with real-time longitudinal data. We offer individualized meetings to discuss results in depth.
We offer Town Halls to teachers, administrators, or parents about a variety of topics, including substance use and student mental health.
We have gathered a wide variety of resources for parents, teachers, and students. You can find these resources here!

Public Health Research Curriculum

Click below to access USC’s specially developed distance learning curriculum on Public Health Research