USC’s premier youth behavioral epidemiology research study aimed at answering crucial questions to better understand adolescent health and well-being.

what we are doing

The ADVANCE Study is currently collecting school-based data on causes of teen social behavioral health issues. This is accomplished by surveying a sample size of approximately 3,000 students of the Class of 2024 throughout Southern California over their four years in high school (2020-2024).

Our survey data will provide an evidence-base to drive local policy change that protects youth from drug exposures and guides prevention programs that promote comprehensive well-being.


Results from our cohort studies have had a significant impact on public policies and prevention efforts locally and nationally.

HOW We are doing it

We partnered with high schools across Southern California and have invited the Class of 2024 to complete an online survey twice a year each year throughout their high school career.

Why are we doing this?

Current studies show high rates of risky behaviors among teens. A 2020 survey of 1,890 9th graders in 6 Los Angeles high schools showed that:

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Principals, School Administrators, & Teachers

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