Resources for Schools

Your Participation


Thank you so much for your participation in USC’s ADVANCE Study! Your school is contributing important evidence to strengthen drug prevention efforts and promote adolescent health. We look forward to including the voices of your students in this important study.

Benefits for Schools

  • We provide annual reports of key findings describing the students in general and by gender. We compare longitudinal findings with state and federal norms. Reports provide valuable information about the complexity of the student body and identify emerging trends over time. Aggregate statistics on students’ responses to any specific survey question of interest can be included in the reports upon request.
  • We offer compensation to each participating school. We hope this will aide schools to optimize resources to improve student learning and student health. We provide participating teachers gift cards every semester for their cooperation and support of our study.
  • We provide de-identified data at your request for funding initiatives for your school. We have had success in providing data helpful in districts receiving funding for tobacco cessation and drug prevention programs. Grant writing support is available upon request.
  • We provide support for up to a week’s worth of distance or in-classroom learning with educational modules on social science research methods where students can explore teen survey data and engage in hands on learning that leverages life science, mathematics, and literacy skills.
  • We want to provide additional resources and collaborations with your school. In the past, we have led townhalls, workshops, and provided materials on vaping, addiction, college readiness, careers in the social sciences, and other topics of interest.


Public Health Research Curriculum

Click below to access USC’s specially developed distance learning curriculum on Public Health Research