ADVANCE Timeline

Winter 2020
ADVANCE Study Begins
  • Partnered with high schools around Southern California
  • Explained the study and incorporated feedback from school administration
  • Pilot tested the survey among a sub-sample of students to improve the questionnaire and protocol
Spring 2021
Wave 1 Data Collection
  • Met with teachers to introduce the study, get feedback, and discuss plans for consent and survey administration
  • Invited all 9th grade students to participate and obtain written parental consent
  • USC staff administered the electronic survey during 1 class period via school Chromebook or tablet
  • While schools operate strictly online OR not allow outside visitors on their campus due to COVID-19 measures, our team has implemented a strictly online data collection protocol.
Ongoing through 2024
Currently: Waves 2-8 Data Collection
  • Administer similar follow-up surveys twice per year following the class of 2024 through 12th grade
  • Remaining responsive to schools; utilizing an in person or hybrid data collection protocol dependent on the status of the novel coronavirus
  • Circulating reports of findings to schools
  • Holding meetings with school staff to discuss findings, action items, and resources available

Implementation Plan

Students with parent permission will take the survey during class time or on their own time, depending on the school’s policy. We will be responsive to challenges schools face with remote learning and are actively monitoring the situation around COVID-19; we will return to in person data collection when it is safe to do so. Administering the survey to students increases participation and retention rates, yielding stronger, more meaningful results. Thus, we request the survey be considered similarly as curriculum and for sufficient classroom time be provided for students to take the survey.

Highly trained USC data collectors administer the survey in the classroom and remain available for questions and support. Teachers are present but will not be requested to assist with data collection. Students who are absent may take the survey online at a later time. Students who do not participate may read or do a class assignment instead of taking the survey. 

We administer follow-up surveys every spring and fall either remotely or in person depending on school guidance. We also welcome ongoing feedback from schools on data collection strategies. Parents or students can decide to stop being in the study at any time.