Our Impact

Results from our cohort studies have had a significant impact on public policies and prevention efforts locally and nationally. Our findings have played a direct role in informing:

Implications for Prevention

The USC Cohort Research Program involves over 10,000 teens and young adults in Southern California. The ADVANCE study will build on the ongoing USC Happiness & Health Study, which examined mental health and drug use across 10 Los Angeles high schools from 2013 to 2017. The USC Happiness & Health Study had nearly 3,400 students enrolled with a 94% retention rate. We are now following this cohort into adulthood to better understand trends across the lifespan. The ADVANCE survey will provide an in-depth, current view into the attitudes, behaviors, and factors relating to mental health and substance use. These cohort studies provide an evidence-base for policy makers, educators, and community stakeholders who have the potential to take action on the complex health risks to adolescents

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